If your Sinfonia printer becomes jammed it is likely because the trims that it cuts have become lodged somewhere inside the printer, usually in the cutter mechanism or the belt assembly. It is possible to clear these trimmings by viewing our video or following the steps below:

Basic Method

1) Disconnect power to printer. Pull printer tray all the way out and remove paper and ribbon. 

2) Using a light, inspect the area where the paper feeds out for visible trims as shown below. If trim pieces are found, use tweezers or small forceps to gently remove them. 

3) Once trim pieces are removed, connect power and re-load media and ensure that 4 blank sheets print out correctly. If the printer jams again, proceed with the Advanced Method below.

Advanced Method

1) Disconnect Power. Remove media (paper and ribbon). 

2) Remove top cover via two small screws shown below:

3) You may find trim pieces directly under this cover as shown below. Remove all pieces found here.

4) Flip front of printer up (open). Remove screws from left and right side gray plastic pieces as shown below. Put pieces off to side

5) Remove screws from underside of front cover, two on the left and two on the right as shown below. Once removed, front cover fall off - be careful to not damage wires attached to front cover.

6) The front mechanics of the printer will now be visible as shown below. 

7) Thoroughly inspect all visible gears, the belt and the cutter mechanism for any paper pieces. Remove all pieces with tweezers or small forceps. Using your hand (carefully) slide cutter mechanism to the opposite side so that any hidden trim pieces in belt will become visible. Remove all found. Note that trim pieces are nearly always the cause of printer jams, although not always immediately apparent. 

8) Follow steps 7-1 above in reverse to reassemble printer. 

9) Connect power and load media, ensure 4 blank sheets of paper print out. 

Note: If problems persists, contact Sinfonia Support directly at the numbers below:

Main: 732-271-7328
Alternate: 973-625-1406