Please complete the steps in Part One before moving on to this guide

For backend setup (Face library upload, employee ID#/Phone Number entries, time clock functions): 

  • You will need access to a wireless router, internet access is not needed
  • Access to a Windows PC with Google Chrome installed (Mac OS and Linux are not supported at this time)
    • Install the Smart Pass software onto your PC here
    • The Kiosk and your Windows PC need to be on the same network
    • For a permanent install: The PC needs to STAY ON and connected to wifi or the kiosk will loose connection. If you shut the PC down you will need to re-establish connectivity to the kiosk as the PC acts as a server. 

Upon installing the Smart Pass software to your PC, you will be presented with the following window:

Click 'copy', and then paste this link into the address bar of Google Chrome browser. You will be prompted to login on the following page:

The default credentials are:

  • user: admin
  • pass: 123456
  • Click login

You will be presented with the following window:

This notice does not mean you have suffered a data breach, it is only meant to remind new users to change the default password. You may change your password by click on the admin button at the top right of the screen, shown below:

You now need to connect your PC to your kiosk to make changes through the backend. In order to do this, first make note of the IP address contained within the URL in the address bar, all the way up to the colon. This is shown below, In this case it is

Go to your Kiosk and log into the Temperature Scanner Settings by clicking the scroll wheel and entering 123456. Click Login Management, then login. You will enter the IP address you captured in the step above. Once logged in, you will see "Login Status: Logged" in green, as shown below:

On the Smart Pass Portal, you will now see your device on-line. You may need to refresh the page in order to see the status

You may add Employee Information, such as Employee ID#, phone number and photo by clicking Personnel Management and then Employee List

You may add this information one at a time per employee, or as a bulk upload. 

  • Selecting Import Information in Bulk will provide you with a template you may fill with all employee information and then import all at once. 
  • Selecting Import in Bulk will allow you to upload employee photos. The Employee ID# should match the photo file name. These photos with their custom names should be stored in a dedicated zip folder.
  • Please Note: Facial Recognition of stored faces is only possible with mask detection disabled as a full frontal facial profile is required for the facial recognition to work. 

The Visitor Management and Blacklist Management options require the same information but as single upload only.

The Pass Management tab will allow you to view and export all records of what the kiosk captures, as shown below:

Custom Ports, Email and Privacy Settings

Browse to 'System Management'

Here you may assign a custom port for your kiosk


Email Settings will allow you to send a email each time a user is scanned. Enabling 'Attendance Records' will allow you to also send a report on a set schedule. Note: This option requires active internet access to the kiosk

Privacy Settings allow you to choose which personal information is stored/recorded

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