If you purchased a Curator Software Subscription from HootBooth, we will provide a promo code in your Shipping Confirmation email. 

The code provided needs to be entered through your account. This can be done by:

  • Visit https://my.curatorlive.com/login and create your account by clicking 'Create Account'
  • Once your account is created, Click on 'Tools' on the top of the page
  • On the right side, select 'Event Pro' and click on 'Subscribe'. You will see the box below:
  • Here you will enter
    • (If applicable) Your Promo code (NOTE: This is NOT the manufacturer code - you can ignore the spot for the manufacturer code)
    • Card Card Information. There will be no initial charge if you purchased a Promo code with your HootBooth Order.
  • Click "Pay"

Once your promo code is activated, you should watch the tutorial video located here

If you DID NOT purchase a Software Subscription from HootBooth, you can pay on a Per Event basis by clicking 'Activate' for the specific event once you have created it.