As of August of 2017, all HootBooth® Event Pro models are shipping with Photo Booth Upload ("PBU") Software. Follow the steps below to set up and learn the Software.

First Steps: Activation/Pre-Orientation Setup

  1. Connect your HootBooth to a wifi network
  2. Set up your Printer
  3. Prior to your software orientation, you must create a PPU Account - create your PPU Account at this link 
    1. View the PPU Pricing Structure below to decide the best option for you        
  4. Open the Photo Booth Upload icon on your desktop. Enter the following information as shown in the image below
    1. PPU Email and Password
    2. Redeem Code (You will find this in the Confirmation Email we sent when your order shipped)
    3. PC Name and Description (what you put here is up to you)
    4. Click 'Activate'

Next Steps: Using Photo Booth Upload

  1. Schedule your Software Orientation here
    1. We strongly recommend doing a Software Orientation, but feel free to also proceed to the next steps before your Orientation to get a basic idea of how PBU works
  2. Learn basic PBU usage starting with just printing
    1. Watch this video for basic Photo Booth Upload Usage
    2. Watch this video for setting up Template Layouts
  3. Learn how to use PBU with sharing options
    1. Learn how to set up PPU Event Manager
  4. Learn PPU App for iPads and Windows Tablets
    1. Watch this video on using PPU
  5. Play around with the program! 
    1. Read the attached Software Guide
    2. Consult our PBU How To Guides
    3. Consult the knowledge base or submit a ticket with any questions you have

Photo Booth Upload Software Package Break-down

The Photo Booth Upload Suite breaks down the following way:


  • Photo Booth Upload (PBU) - PBU is the actual Photo Booth software installed on your HootBooth®, where Tempate Layouts, GIFs, Green Screens etc are all created and controlled. This is the UI guests use to capture photos, GIFs and videos.
  • Photo Party Upload (PPU) Event Manager - The PPU Event Manager is a browser-based portal where you will create your actual events and enable options for events. The settings defined here will define the flow of your events and also how you will set up social media, texting and emailing options. The PPU Event Manager account is mandatory. There is no charge if you are only printing. If you are utilizing sharing options there is a small charge, defined below in the PPU Pricing Structure. 
  • PPU Helper Tool - The Helper Tool runs on your PC in the background and is what allows PBU to sync to PPU. 


  • Photo Party Upload App - The PPU app can be loaded onto a Windows Tablet or Apple iPad. The purpose is to have a separate station set up at your events where the content captured by your HootBooth® can be shared to social media, sent via text message, email etc. 

PPU Pricing Structure

Pricing for PPU is available in the following tiers:

  • Basic - $0.10/upload. This is the best starting place if you anticipate less than 300 uploads per event.
  • Pro - $30/event. Choose this option if you anticipate more than 300 uploads per event and less than 10 events per month. 
  • Advanced - $300/month. Choose this option if you anticipate more 10 events per month with an average of more than 300 uploads each.
  • Business - $2500/year. Choose this option if you anticipate more than 120 events per year. 
  • Notes: 
    • The first two weeks of any tier are free
    • Any event created that has less than 10 final uploads is considered a test, and will have no charge
    • You may change between per upload and per event packages easily, but unlimited packages can only be changed after you have completed the billing term, ie you are committed to one month if you are on a monthly plan. Once your month is up you can change back to a per upload or per event plan.